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The Smart Choice

The Smarter Care Company is a bespoke and tailored homecare service specifically designed for clients who require continuity, person centred focus and an attention to detail care analysis plan.

As a new high quality home care service The Smarter Care Company recognises the need for change and improvement within the homecare sector, the experience of the owner/director within this field is over 20 years and it is clear that a homecare service with high quality standards is required  and in demand due  to the ageing population of  today.


The Smarter Care Company promotes choice and good practice, therefore any care worker employed to deliver a service is trained to understand exactly was is expected of them to carry out their care role to the highest standard.

The Smarter Care Company has implemented a bespoke Analysis Report which is recorded for each individual client on a monthly basis; this information is a key tracking system which allows the care workers to establish the overall health and well-being of the client and whether any unusual changes have taken place. An example would be changes in eating habits, medication refused or a sudden low mood. Any changes are reported and addressed as soon as they arise but the Analysis Report is to look at the bigger picture and to establish if any patterns are developing, this will then maintain the health and well-being of the client effectively and efficiently as possible.

All care workers employed by The Smarter Care Company will have received mandatory Dementia Awareness training as well as the required mandatory training programme.


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